Proposal for the open call to design the packaging and label of the craft beer “Panel” brewed especially for the occasion of the exhibition “Panel” of MODEM Center for Modern and Contemporary Art in Debrecen, Hungary. 

The exhibition examined “the housing estates of Debrecen and the surrounding region built with »panel« technology using interdisciplinary methods, the means of science, architecture and art and by actively addressing the inhabitants of Debrecen”. The main question was “to what extent the blocks of flats significantly defining the cityscape image of the former Eastern Bloc till the present day (in Hungary nearly 788 thousand flats can be found in “panel” blocks of flats, in which one fifth of the population live) influence our society, community and the individual being, moreover, our perception and way of thinking – what is the colour, smell and touch of the »panel« like? Does housing estate/»panel« identity exist, and does the concept PANELITY exist?” source: Modem

The concept of the proposed design (the logo, the drawings on the labels and the colour palette) was to reflect upon and wake associations of the very specific visual language of chalk drawings often visible on the playgrounds and concrete pavements between the blocks of flats. 
The drawings depict certain elements and scenes which are remarkable accessories of the commonly used, “community” areas adjacent to the blocks of flats, existing somewhere in the cross-section between public and private space. 
The six differently labelled bottles make a series, a complete pack of six – reflecting on the colourful diversity of people and communities living among the seemingly uniform “panel” blocks. 
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